Are you ready to go tiny?

October 2, 2017


These days it seems like everybody is. It's clear by the response to events like Tiny Fest Midwest,  that more people then ever are curious about tiny house living. 


Here at SoFair Village we've learned a thing or two about taking the dream of tiny house living and turning it into a reality. Here are the top 3 things you need to do before committing to the lifestyle.  


1. Research, Research, Research 


Seriously, it takes more then watching tiny houses take over HGTV, You have to do your home work. Read blogs, listen to podcasts, go to festivals.  Take a hands on approach. Visit as many tiny's as you can and talk to as many owners as you can. Every tiny house building experience is unique. 


2. Try it Before You Buy it 


At SoFair we've learned tiny house living isn't for everyone. That's why we list our tiny houses on Airbnb for short trips and offer short term leases for lengthier stays. It's been a great way for to experience the life style and an idea of what's really involved in transitioning to the tiny house, eco-village lifestyle. 


3. Ask  Questions


This is a big one regardless if your planning to build or buy. If you've done your research you know about the basic systems all tiny houses have in common, like power, cooling/heating, fresh grey and black water. The options are endless. Be sure you know how you will use your TH and research what systems are most suitable for that lifestyle. For instance, If your tiny house in on wheels and you plan to do a lot of travelling, it may be very important to you to choose off grid systems. On the other hand if you plan on parking your TH, you could still choose to be off grid or  choose to connect to a septic system and a hybrid Solar/Grid tie. The possibilities are endless! 


Find out if you're ready for Tiny House Living 

Take our Tiny House Readiness Survey



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