What goes around, Comes around...

May 9, 2017

We talk about a seven-year itch, so what's mine that needs to be scratched? Well, it may be time to assess my last seven years in Fairfield Iowa. When I consider the story of SoFair Farms and the launching of SoFair Village, it feels like time has no relevance other than it has been 7-years and at the same time, it was just yesterday I first came to Fairfield with no real plan or idea what I was getting into. 


When I listen to this podcast (below) and see how relationships evolve here, it is easy to see that what I have created is really not even mine, but rather some foundation for a larger gathering. I am including the picture from 6 years ago that has ties directly from the podcast here. In the picture, the ground the Yurt sits on was originally Stacy Maurer's, and in the picture are Mayor Ed Malloy, Leanne, the owner of the yurt, and myself.


Two years after the picture, we bought that yurt from Leanne with an intention to move it to SoFair Farms, we never did. But this year Lauren and Rebecca are joining us at SoFair Village and building their own Yurt. I guess now I can say, it really does take Village to raise a child and in time I may just become an adult.


Enjoy this podcast from Josh Hartman…


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