Vastu Architecture

March 24, 2016

In my world, Vastu is short for "science of architecture", and now, I hope in your world as well. It requires designers trained in Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® to create the right proportions and dimensions for the Tiny Vastu homes we are creating for your pleasure in homesteading or getaway. Whether you plan on grounding your home, or rolling it around with you, our designers will consider your best interest in creating a home that is life supporting for you and gentle on the environment. When Maharishi Vastu® is applied, you will discover the pride in ownership of Vastu influence, and with our designers touch, the best aesthetics of Feng Shui.


Allow us to have designed your vision of home proportioned and oriented to the most life supporting influences available. Please contact us for an appointment at SoFair Farms, where you will find new and innovative ideas to work from, and the finest used materials to select from for your next home. You may even find the homesite you have been looking for…


This may not be perfect Vastu, but it is my own design without the vantage of a professional’s eye; today we would use that professional to lay out properly all required design standards for Vastu. Still, my design was close to perfect...


…just like me and you.


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