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February 4, 2013

So many designs, so many changes, so many questions... it is really brilliant the way we learn, some creative impulse


leads to an idea for a design. We plug in what we know, add a little of what we think we know and , well you know the rest. Evidently design is tougher than just coming up with a great idea for a design. Consider the writer, great idea, develops a story line, creates the characters and plots and environment, only to discover we just don't have enough information on how to get it together in a way that translates to a usable finished project. Same for TH designs.

All day, the questions came in, how high, how wide, how to... they are all relevant if we want to get it done, but sometimes common sense prevails and sometimes the rules prevail, but most time experience trumps them all. I have been told too many times to do it this way or that, only to discover that there are many ways. Take laying out the top and bottom plates, Mark explains the process to students and it does work, and it is simple, and I have a difficult time doing it his way. Surprise, surprise...

If I look a little perplexed, it's cause I am. My way is not more right or better, just more familiar; but now I strain to keep answers to questions coming in on the path instructed, in lieu of my way that I am comfortable with, and this in the quest to keep it simple for them all. My way would not make it easier for them, and so I will learn the new ways and make it work. I guess different ways could be better, but how would I ever know if I did not try them.


How big is a front door, or window, or shower
How big is a stove, or toilet or bath
How big is big

We are building Tiny Houses folks, so lets consider the concept of what sizes are available and would work best in our design. I know this is what they are really asking, but what I am striving for is this. Put yourself in the space, picture yourself moving around, operating the door or cabinet or fold-down table or ladder to the loft. Now, how big is the door you need based on your considered opinion, or how wide do you want the ladder and how high is each step? This is the way to answer every question. When you know what you want, you then apply that information to what's available in the market.

Here are some pics to consider:     So now you can see different designs lead to different choices

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