Pushing Tiny Houses up the Mountain like Sisyphus

February 3, 2013

As a student, we learn so much so fast that we can barely take in and apply the lesson before the next important instruction. But as a TA, assisting Mark Stimson is not so grueling, I think he understands my role better than me and so I am learning this TA business by his mentoring process, smooth and relaxed. Still, with over a dozen students in need of my attention here and there, I find my own skills tested again, my building and design muscles worked, and so this weekend I was glad to chill for a while. One of my favorite settled activities is reading the blogs and homework from the students. All contributions are great, and one blog I recommend for all is Kasia's, it is pretty and packed with interesting Vastu info you won't get very easily here at MUM.



Now refreshed, I have shared my own experiences around Tiny Houses with other professionals in real estate that I work with, and other people I have met. I had the pleasure of meeting a woman that moved here last year who has bought a 26 acre property and is planning a TH community, maybe a rental, maybe something else. Either way, she is "all-in" the Tiny House game and is looking for others to support her plans, much like what I am looking for with SoFair Farms. So if your interests are aligned with each our's ask questions and get involved.



Consider that this class had double its occupancy for student enrollment, with a May class added, I am getting the sense that TH's are a force to be reckoned with, kind a Sansom and Goliath thing. The king of TH's right now is Jay Shafer's Tumbleweed Houses company. Unlike many of the operating TH businesses that offer cabins, cottages, and homes that range from 36 SQFT to well over 800 SQFT, I am most interested in homes under 400 SQFT with an average size of 250 FT.

I am also committed to building from recycled woods and metals wherever possible and will supplement with new as needed. This has created for me a slight dilemma as I am most interested in Tiny Vastu homes and at this time; recycling is not allowed in Maharishi Vastu®, a certification organization and standard that I am associated with. Therefore, I plan on working toward an agreement with MSV to allow recycled materials in MSV homes. I am not at all sure what they would do about this one though, I think with a little love this could be your next home, Give me a call...HA


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