In the beginning... there was a cave

January 27, 2013

Considering the vast age of the earth in relation to the time that humans have existed and sheltered ourselves, it really wasn't that long ago that we began to live in caves. Probably, they were our first homes and we were glad to have them. They kept us protected from bad weather, and animals that might be hungrier than us. I am sure we also made them our home, in some way personal, practical and as comfortable for our family, tribe or even guests. I call my dorm, my cave, a place to get away to.

Consider the difference in these two pictures and see why in the end caves may not be much different than Tiny Houses...





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So where do we go from here? Tiny Houses have been part of our cultural fabric forever, and now they are becoming a phenomenon and trendy. So this is where I begin my journey, in a class to learn about  Tiny Houses and how they "fit" into society and how to construct them. I guess my idea of a cool TH (as I call them) can be found on three levels; Classic, Contemporary, and Rustic. Personally, I prefer recycled materials over new, and classic over all others. I will take them as they come, because they are like babies, perfect in every way, as long as they are your own.


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